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What Patients Say

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  • With over 52 years of stress and worry with regards my dental appointments and treatment, my phobia disappeared after a couple of visits to your practice. I had two extractions and two implants fitted. The procedure went extremely well and much better than I anticipated which can only be attributed to your appreciation of my extreme fear. You quickly put me at ease.

    I cannot thank you enough for listening and understanding my fear and anxiety and talking me through every step of the procedure. I would recommend your practice to anyone

    Mr KH
  • Mr Anderson, I can’t thank-you enough for my perfect smile. I am so happy with them and wanted to thank-you for all your time in getting them right.

    Ms MT
  • Richard, I just wanted to say thank-you so much for giving me a brilliant smile for Christmas. Has to be one of my best presents ever!

    Ms DW
  • Having had 2 implants placed to replace two missing teeth in the lower right side of my mouth I am so impressed that I have booked in to have two missing teeth in my upper jaw replaced with implants.

    Mr JH
  • Dr Anderson, you have made such a difference in the way Emma eats her food and her appearance, back to the beautiful smile she had almost 5 years ago. You made Emma and ourselves feel very confident throughout all the procedures; you have the most wonderful approach to your work, making things that seem impossible, happen. All the family and carers who work with Emma have been as deeply touched by the end result as we are ourselves.

    Mr & Mrs R T (Parents of Emma)