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This patient presented with hereditary gum disease, rendering her upper teeth beyond treatment. A temporary bridge was employed for a 3-month period, after which time a titanium bridge and porcelain veneers were fitted.

My confidence was very low – I would hardly smile or wear lipstick. That sounds so vain but I didn't wish to draw attention to my mouth. My teeth were in a bad way which meant I had a limited diet, often choosing softer food options as I was terrified something more substantial would damage them further.

When I first met Richard he put me at ease straight away – he was extremely knowledgeable and gave me all the facts. I can honestly say at no point did I feel any pain. The best thing was after the four and a half hour operation I left with temporary implants – no dentures. When my friends picked me up to take me home we took photos and sent them to family and friends, and the response was brilliant. I felt like my life was going to get back on track.

I would highly recommend Richard and his team. His constant care is second to none – he is a true expert in his field and will strive to get you the results you want. My only regret is I didn't have the courage to do this sooner. I would definitely urge anyone to book a consultation and find out what their options are – what’s the worst that can happen?

Helen, 44

This patient had loose teeth and was unhappy with the appearance of her smile. Having considered a number of alternative treatments, she chose extraction of the upper teeth which were then replaced with 4 implants and a fixed bridge.

I can’t overstate how self-conscious I was when smiling and having photographs taken. I used to compare myself in the photos to ones of previous years. I just wanted my old smile back.

I was so nervous regarding the work that I needed to have carried out. Richard understood this right from the off. His manner and work installed confidence and trust, and in the end the procedure was not nearly as bad as I had imagined, and so well worth the results.

Thanks to Richard and his team I now have my old smile and self- confidence back. Thanks, Trina

Trina, 50

This patient was looking for a solution to correct crooked teeth. The use of braces would have been the ideal treatment, but at 40, this did not appeal to her. Having explored all treatment options, it was decided to fit veneers.

I hated my teeth before and was so self-conscious whenever I felt they may be on show. But now I can wear my smile with pride – in fact, I’m so pleased with the results that I haven’t stopped smiling since I had the treatment.
Sally, 40

This patient had developed gum disease in her late thirties, caused in part by smoking since the age of fourteen. This condition could not be successfully treated. Following extraction of her top teeth, instead of wearing a traditional denture, six implants were placed and a fixed bridge attached.

I feel great. Before I wouldn’t smile because of my teeth and I think people didn’t realise I was a happy positive person inside. I felt very comfortable when I went to see Richard and even though I was having an operation I wasn’t worried at any stage because I had full confidence. It was relaxed, I didn’t feel rushed and that made me feel comfortable. The difference is amazing. I can eat properly and I’ve even lost weight because I can now eat fruit. I am a happy, positive and smiley person and finally I can show how I really feel.

Julie S, 50

This patient had a part denture which would drop on occasion. Having placed two implants in the upper jaw, it was possible to attach clips to a metal-based denture. This provided a firm grip and total confidence for the patient that she could eat and smile without the fear of the denture ever coming loose.

When I went to see Richard, I’d got to the stage where I rarely smiled, or smiled with my hand in front of my mouth, because I was so self-conscious of my teeth. I had a thorough consultation and Richard explained all the different options available. I was a little nervous immediately prior to the main procedure, I think that's only natural, but I needn't have been as the way Richard works is very efficient and I have every confidence in him. I'm thrilled with the result. I have a wide smile and don't have to hide my laugh with my hands in front of my face.

Helen, 45
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